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Edo State Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu Impeached See Why



Edo State Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu Impeached See Why

EDO, (iexclusivenews) – In a decisive move on Monday, the Edo State House of Assembly impeached Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu.

This action followed the conclusive report from a seven-member investigative committee, appointed by the state’s Chief Judge to examine allegations of misconduct against Shaibu.

The Investigative Panel’s Findings

The panel, led by retired Justice S.A. Omonua, concluded its inquiry last Friday. Shaibu, amidst the controversy, did not present himself before the panel.

Accusations of perjury and the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive government information were central to the investigation.

Legal Tensions and Assembly Deliberations

Despite being granted an extension to defend himself, Shaibu’s absence persisted. The Assembly, having presented its case, awaited Shaibu’s rebuttal.

Legal representative Oladoyin Awoyale initially attended but withdrew when the panel dismissed a request to halt proceedings due to a concurrent lawsuit in Abuja, challenging the impeachment.


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The Vote and Impeachment Declaration

The Assembly convened with 20 members present. The impeachment process began formally with the Clerk’s announcement, followed by debates and motions from both majority and minority leaders.

Despite an objection to part of the report, the Assembly concluded that while perjury charges were unproven, the breach of confidentiality was substantiated.

With an 18 to 1 vote, the Assembly’s majority endorsed the impeachment. Speaker Blessing Agbebaku announced, “Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu stands impeached,” marking a significant shift in Edo State’s political landscape.

Judicial Oversight and Constitutional Compliance

Previously, on March 28, Justice I.E. Ekwo mandated the involved parties, including law enforcement and panel members, to justify the injunction’s continuation.

This legal directive aimed to ensure adherence to constitutional procedures during the unfolding political drama.

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