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Elon Musk’s Support For Dogecoin Grows Stronger Following $258b Lawsuit 



Elon Musk's Support For Dogecoin Grows Stronger Following $258b Lawsuit 

Elon Musk has publicly expressed his ongoing support for Dogecoin despite a $258 billion class-action lawsuit claiming a crypto pyramid scheme (DOGE).

iexclusivenews reports that a class-action lawsuit was filed in New York district court on June 16 against Elon Musk.

The world’s richest man, and his firms, SpaceX and Tesla, over an alleged Ponzi scheme involving DOGE tokens.

This online news outlet understands that the case sought $258 billion in total monetary damages from Musk. As well as a ruling that DOGE trading is considered gambling in the United States.

What You Should Know 

iexclusivenews Nigeria reports that the lawsuit, on the other hand, did not sit well with the crypto community, with entrepreneurs mocking the action.

In the following tweet, Musk also seems unfazed by the allegations, reiterating his support for the Dogecoin ecosystem.

On June 18, Dogecoin founder Billy Markus, who is no longer involved in the project, presented his vision for Dogecoin.

Which extends beyond the excitement, advising developers to focus more on its usability and security. Musk concurred with a “More currency-like” response to Markus’ proposal.

Markus was further comforted by the world’s richest man’s willingness to accept Dogecoin as payment for services other than Tesla and SpaceX merchandise.

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Deepfake films advocating cryptocurrency fraud have been discovered by bad actors attempting to profit off Musk’s success.

Musk stumbled and saw a phony video on the internet in which a deepfake was employed to imitate the entrepreneur at a TED Talk.

The deepfake version of Musk was shown in the video touting a cryptocurrency platform that promised 30% returns on cryptocurrency deposits.