Emmanuel Becomes The Last Head Of House For This Season 

Emmanuel Becomes The Last Head Of House For This Season 

Emmanuel is the winner of today’s head of house task, which is also the final head of house competition for the BbnaijaS6.

Iexclusivenews Nigeria recall that Queen, Nini, and Saga were evicted from their homes on Sunday, September 26th, 2021.

Angel and Pere were separated and placed in a white room (fake evicted housemates).

Liquorose, Cross, Whitemoney, and Emmanuel were the only ones left in the house.

The head of house game was played today, and white money began. He got to the start over number after a while and stopped, even though he still had a few minutes left out of the 3 minutes they were supposed to play the game for, but he didn’t because there wasn’t much time.

Cross was then called to play… it was clear that he didn’t want to win, but liquorose and Emmanuel insisted that he would. Before his time ran out, Cross got to a reasonable place.

Emmanuel also played and wasn’t much eager in winning, but he managed to get to a reasonable position before his time ran out. He was able to go further than cross, making him the winner.

Despite the fact that he had previously warned liquorose that she was not permitted to play since she is the current leader of house, Big Brother allowed her to play this time. Liquorose is the first player to complete the game’s number and get to the eye in the centre, which terminates the game.

She completed her task before her time ran out. She would have been the winner if she hadn’t been denied the opportunity to compete.

It would have been ideal if a woman had concluded the head of house reign in the same way a woman had begun it.