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BREAKING: Enugu State Broadcasting Service Gutted By Fire

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Enugu State Broadcasting Service Gutted By Fire

BREAKING: Enugu State Broadcasting Service Gutted By Fire

Enugu State Broadcasting Service located at the Independence Layout near Agric Bank Junction was on Tuesday morning gutted by fire.

iexclusive News Nigeria reports that the cause of the fire had not been determined at the time of filing this report, the blaze was said to have completely destroyed the newsroom and presenters’ office.

What You Need To Know

One of the staff’s HD cameras and computer laptop were reportedly burned to ashes.

On the condition of anonymity, station personnel told our correspondent that the fire began shortly after the station opened for the early morning broadcast, around 5.30am to 6.00am, when a generator was turned on.

He claimed that if it hadn’t been for the prompt response of the State Fire Service, the entire station would have been destroyed by fire.

iexclusive News Nigeria gathered that another member of staff also told our correspondent that they were baffled by the station’s constant fires since police were stationed there to guard it shortly after the nationwide #EndSARS protest last year.

“We have not heard or seen a fire incident since the station was built in 1983.” But, in less than a month, a police detachment was dispatched to the station, and our equipment store was destroyed by fire.”

Despite the fact that it had no electricity and was surrounded by bush, the storehouse was destroyed by fire. Police had yet to release their investigation report on the previous incident until today.

The policemen were removed shortly after the first incident, and a new set of people were brought in, and it has now happened again.

“I’m not saying those cops were to blame for the incident, but a thorough investigation into the fire should be conducted.”

Chukwuma Ogbonna, the station’s General Manager, told our correspondent shortly after the fire was extinguished that it was the second fire incident at the station this year.

Although he stated that the current incident was caused by a power surge, the first incident remained a mystery.

“I truly thank God that the Fire Department arrived on time and saved the station; otherwise, I’m not sure what would have happened.”

“The fire has been extinguished by the firefighters. It didn’t destroy much, but at least we can fly.”

Ogbonna lamented the previous fire incident, saying,

“that one happened in our store and all the equipment was totally destroyed.”

Because there was no electricity supply to that store, the cause of the fire has remained a mystery to this day.

“Police interviewed all of the staff following the incident, but their report has yet to be released.” As a result, it has remained a mystery.”

“However, the one that occurred today can be attributed to a power surge. I believe there was an issue with the control panel that resulted in the fire incident this morning.”