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Exclusive! Kastina Governor Urges Citizens to Defend Themselves



Exclusive! Kastina Governor Urges Citizens to Defend Themselves

iexclusivenews – Kastina State Governor Dikko Radda has urged the people of his state to take matters into their own hands and resist the attacks of bandits who have been terrorizing them for months.

He said that the government cannot protect them alone and they need to be proactive and vigilant.

The governor made this call during an emergency security meeting on Friday at the Government House in Kastina, where he addressed the security chiefs, paramilitary leaders, prominent traditional rulers from Katsina and Daura, and senior government officials.

He assured them that his administration is committed to providing the necessary logistics and support for communities that are willing to defend themselves.

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The Challenges of Insecurity and Food Scarcity

He said that the state is facing multiple challenges, not only from the insecurity caused by the bandits but also from the food scarcity that is affecting the entire country.

He said that the rising cost of food and the hunger among the population are serious issues that need to be tackled urgently.

He said that:

We must review the security situation in the state, take action to find a solution, and address these challenges. Apart from insecurity, there are other challenges, like the rising cost of food and hunger among the population.

He added that the state is not immune to the protests that have erupted in other parts of Nigeria, such as Niger State and Kano, due to the high prices of foodstuff. He said that the situation has not reached that level in Kastina yet, but it is important to act proactively and prevent it from escalating.

He said that:

We are all aware of the current skyrocketing of prices of foodstuff, which led to protests in Niger State, Kano, and other places. It has not gotten to our state yet, but we must meet and see how we can mitigate the situation before it gets out of hand.

The Government’s Support for Self-Defense

He also stated that the government is ready to assist any community that organizes itself in its respective areas to fight back against the bandits. He said that the government will provide training and logistics for such communities, as well as coordinate with the security agencies to ensure their safety.

He said that:

The government is fully prepared to assist any community that organizes itself in its respective areas through training and the provision of logistics.

He appealed to the people of Kastina to cooperate with the government and the security forces and to report any suspicious activities or movements to the authorities. He also urged them to be courageous and resilient in the face of the challenges they are facing.

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