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q49

#Falexx: Alexx Ekubo Proposes To Model Girlfriend Fancy Acholonu

#Falexx: Moment Alexx Ekubo Proposed To His Bae, Fancy Acholonu


iexclusive News Nigeria reports that Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo has popped the question to his model girlfriend Fancy Acholonu.


#Falexx: Alex Ekubo Proposes To Model Girlfriend Fancy Acholonu


Fancy who via a post on her Instagram page said she thought she was going for a photo shoot with her sister only to be blown away by the “set up by her mister to make her his Mrs”.


#Falexx: Alex Ekubo Proposes To Model Girlfriend Fancy Acholonu

She shared a video which captured moment he proposed to her.

She wrote;

Thought I was going for a photoshoot with my sister not knowing it was a set up by my mister to make me his Mrs…
I’m still in shock! Full video coming soon… #FalexxForever


See Instagram posts by the couple;







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