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Gabrielle Union My Husband hates watching My Sex Scenes

Gabrielle Union My Husband hates watching My Sex Scenes


Dwyane Wade's Rule for Gabrielle Union's Sex Scenes Is Genius | Dwyane Wade  | Celebrities | BET

iexclusive News Nigeria reports that Hollywood actress, Gabrielle Union has revealed that her husband Dwyane Wade is not a fan of her onscreen sex scenes.


He has often asked for a warning before such scenes come up on TV.


Speaking during an interview on the Renaissance Man podcast, the 48-year-old actress said her husband doesn’t enjoy watching them.


According to her, Dwyane gets to watch some of the sex scenes especially when she “forgets” what she filmed so she sometimes doesn’t warn him early enough.


“He will ask before each episode: ‘Are you naked in this one?


because we shot this stuff a year ago and then we’ll sit there with the whole family, watching this particular movie and such scenes pop up.


“The truth is that I will continue to act such scenes for as long as I am comfortable because I know he understands the nature of my job. Everyone will just adjust,” she said.


 Gabrielle Union, however, admitted that she also thinks about their children when it comes to stripping onscreen.


 Gabrielle Union shares a daughter Kaavia 2, with Wade and is also a stepmother to his children Zaire18, Zaya 13, and Xavier 7,

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