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Giwa to Buhari Gumi Playing Your Script, Announce Nigeria’s Break Up

Giwa to Buhari Gumi playing your script, announce Nigeria’s break up


iexclusive News Nigeria reports that Pastor Adewale Giwa, said Sheikh Ahmad Gumi is playing the script of President Buhari on the issue of banditry.

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President Muhammadu Buhari

Awaiting The Second Coming of Christ Ministry, Pastor also condemned the Nigerian leader’s vow to deal with those calling for the breakup of Nigeria.


In a statement on Friday, Giwa dared Buhari to arrest the Islamic cleric for advising the federal government to grant amnesty to bandits.


The cleric wondered why Gumi, “who goes about holding meetings with bandits and negotiating for them”, has not been grilled.

“Gumi is only playing the script of President Muhammadu Buhari and other Fulani politicians. By now, Gumi ought to have been arrested, interrogated and jailed for knowing where the criminal Fulani herdsmen live.


“Didn’t I say president Bubari has created jobs for his fulani kinsmen? Are they Nigerians and why should federal government compensate criminals who rape, kidnap and kill innocent Nigerians?


“I doubt the existence of Nigeria if this could be happening in the presence of security operatives. President Buhari cannot intimidate or frighten me.


“Why is it that they panic each time they hear disintegration or breaking up? If you don’t want us to break up, then, address hunger, insecurity, injustice and unemployment.”


Giwa added that talks with criminal Fulani herdsmen or propositions for amnesty would only encourage them.


The Pastor said “Nigeria is divided already and that citizens are just waiting for the official announcement from the President


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