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Guinea-Bissau vs Nigeria : Super Eagles Impress Once More With 2-0 Win

Nigeria easily topped Group D with three straight wins – and in this latest match, Guinea-Bissau vs Nigeria..

Guinea-Bissau vs Nigeria–After swatting aside Mo Salah’s Egypt, then Sudan, Nigeria entrenched their status as top contenders to win the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations with a confident 2-0 victory over Guinea-Bissau.

Nigeria easily topped Group D with three straight wins – and in this latest match, Guinea-Bissau vs Nigeria they kept their momentum going with pertinacity and creativity alike.

The Super Eagles dominated possession in the first half but lacked a cutting edge as Guinea-Bissau were hard to break down. But a sterling flurry of play in the 56th minute saw Kelechi Iheanacho break down the right and sends a magnificent ball across the box to Umar Sadiq – who tapped it into the net.

The next minute, Moses Simon came on and proceeded to light up the game, with scintillating, evasive runs down the left into the box. One such run saw him outmanoeuvre three Guinea-Bissau defenders before firing at the bar – only for it to bounce back for William Troost-Ekong to knock into the net, making it 2-0 for Nigeria in the 75th minute.



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