Gumi Insists Army, Police Officers Assisting Bandits With Weapons and Drugs

Sheikh Gumi Denies DSS Arrest
Sheikh Gumi Denies DSS Arrest, Says He Was Not Questioned

Gumi insists Army, Police Officers Assisting Bandits With Weapons and Drugs


Ahmad Gumi, an Islamic preacher based in Kaduna, Nigeria, asserted on Thursday that some police and army officers are assisting banditry in the country.


iexclusive News Nigeria report that Gumi claimed that some security personnel are involved in the sale of guns to bandits as well as the distribution of illegal substances.

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In an exclusive interview with the DAILY POST, the Islamic scholar encouraged the Army and the police hierarchy to identify and remove the bad apples from their ranks.


Furthermore, he asserted that certain security officers assisted the robbers by accepting bribes from them.

According to Gumi, “I am well aware that we have bad elements in the security forces, and I believe it is past time for those who have been found to be accepting bribes or assisting banditry by selling firearms to be removed from the security system.”

In reality, there are some nasty individuals in the security apparatus in Zamfara, but not all of them.


Some members of our security forces are taking advantage of their position of privilege to assist bandits in gun trafficking and drug distribution.

“As a result, I’m calling on the military and police to rein in their guys and ferret out the bad ones.”

This online news medium recall that Gumi had accused the military of conspiring with bandits in their operations, which was later proven to be false.


Gumi’s claim, on the other hand, was dismissed by the Nigerian Army.


Recently, there has been an increase in the number of banditry-related actions around the country.


Bandits have been attacking, kidnapping, and killing students in the country’s northern region for several months.


Few days ago some bandits kidnapped students and faculty members from the Federal Government College in Birnin-Yauri, Kebbi State, on Thursday of last week, authorities said.


They assassinated a police officer before abducting the four members of staff and an indeterminate number of students and transporting them to an unknown destination.


During a gunfight between soldiers and the abductors, one of the students who had been kidnapped from school was shot and killed.


In contrast, the Nigerian Army has announced that five of the abducted students and two college faculty members have been freed from their captors.