Gumi Smacks Adesina, You Are A Bootlicker

Gumi Smacks Adesina, You Are A Bootlicker
Gumi Smacks Adesina, You Are A Bootlicker

Gumi Smacks Adesina, You Are A Bootlicker


Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, an Islamic cleric, claimed only “a fool will allow his abode to be a theatre of war” in a retort to President Muhammadu Buhari’s media assistant, Femi Adesina.


iexclusive News Nigeria reports that Adesina, who claimed in a recent essay that “bandits are going nowhere,” praised the military effort against bandits in the North West and said that a bandit-lover has been all out against the offensive.


“You bootlicker who called me a bandit-lover!” Sheikh Gumi responded in an article posted on his verified Facebook account. I am a country-lover, a region-lover, a state-lover, a people-lover, and a humanity-lover, not just one.”


Gumi had frequently expressed his displeasure with the Federal Government’s treatment of bandits.


If Nigeria is serious about reducing banditry in the country, the preacher urged that robbers must be forgiven and granted amnesty.


He claimed that if individuals who started civil wars and committed treasonable acts could be forgiven, then bandits should be treated the same way.


“I am a certified Medical Doctor who understands what it takes to extract a brain tumor precisely without harming the delicate surrounding brain tissues,” he stated.


“I was a commissioned military officer who understands the purpose of the military and its capabilities.


“I am a scholar with a Ph.D. from a foreign university. I am an Islamic scholar who understands the depravity of taking the lives of innocent people. 


So, in this sea of forgetfulness, silence is not an option for me.


“Only a fool would allow his home to be used as a battleground. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fools out there.


“Killing rats with an iron rod in your rat-infested living room will most likely destroy your devices and furniture without killing any. We should not use artillery to cover up bad governance.”