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How 10-year-old Girl Was Raped During A School Competition In Dubai (Video)

In an update given, Ubi said the school authorities suspended the female student who was raped.

Ubi Franklin has shared the shocking story of how his friend’s 10-year-old daughter was raped during a school competition in Dubai.

The music executive revealed in a series of social media posts, that the young Nigerian girl was selected to represent her school in a sporting game in Dubai.

He said while at the competition, the girl was raped, video tapped and the video was posted on Instagram a month ago

See what he wrote below;

”Just got off the phone with a friend of mine. His 10 year old daughter was selected to represent her school at the World School Games in dubai. His daughter was r**ped by fellow students, video tapped and posted on Instagram and the school concealed it for a month.

He found out on his own when another parent called his wife and showed his wife the video of his 10 year old daughter being circulated on Instagram. I have spent the last 1hour listening to confessional statements by some teachers and I am begging this should rather be a dream.”

In an update given, Ubi said the school authorities suspended the female student who was raped.

”UPDATE ON MY PREVIOUS POST. This school took the girl from her parents that they wanted to conduct a Covid test and the school rather took the girl for a pregnancy test. As we speak the girl has been SUSPENDED from the school. Some things don’t make sense at all”


Watch the video Here


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