How Helicopter To Bring Igboho Back To Nigeria Was Stopped

BREAKING: Igboho Remains In Cell As Court Adjourns Hearing
BREAKING: Igboho Remains In Cell As Court Adjourns Hearing
How helicopter to bring Igboho back to Nigeria was stopped


Mr. Yomi Aliyu (SAN), the counsel for Yoruba Nation agitator Sunday Igboho, has described how he was to be carried to Nigeria on a waiting helicopter after being arrested in Cotonou, Benin Republic.


iexclusive News Nigeriareports that Aliyu, who talked on Rave FM’s ‘Frank Talk’ radio talk show, said one of Igboho’s brothers who were with him when he was detained was the one bundled aboard the jet bound for Germany, not Sunday.

“As of today (Wednesday), Sunday Igboho remains under police prison in the Benin Republic, specifically in Cotonou,” he claimed.

“While they were fighting with the brother, he was thrown back into the plane bound for Germany; he was the one who was now in Germany, not Igboho.


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“He was already on his way to Germany with his wife aboard a jet in Cotonou, and his brother was also on board. Someone alerted him to the fact that he is wanted.


He was brought down with his wife and brother, and a fight broke out since he was supposed to be transported to Nigeria by a standby chopper.

“However, the wife and brother got into a fight and started shouting at the airport, which drew the attention of some other Yoruba indigenes, who came to their rescue.”