Igboho’s Spokesman: DSS Buried Millions Of Naira

Igboho's Spokesman: DSS Buried Millions Of Naira
Sunday Igboho house raided by UGM
Igboho’s Spokesman: DSS Buried Millions Of Naira.


Olayomi Koiki, the spokesperson for self-proclaimed Yoruba freedom fighter Sunday Adeyemo Igboho, has accused the Department of State Services (DSS) of allegedly stealing millions of Naira as well as foreign currency from his principal’s home during Thursday’s raid.


The DSS only showed Nigerians guns and other items believed to have been found from Igboho’s residence during the attack, according to Koiki, but did not reveal that Naira, foreign currency notes, and jewelries were taken from Sunday Igboho.


According to the Iexclusive News Nigeria, the DSS revealed last night that it invaded Sunday Igboho’s house on the suspicion that he was stockpiling weapons to attack the State.


During the raid, two people were murdered in a gun duel, according to the DSS, who also recovered seven AK-47 rifles, three pump action pistols, 30 AK-47 magazines, 5,000 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition, and other items.


In a live Facebook video response, Koiki claimed that the DSS concocted lies against his principal.


“You can see the lies cooked up by the DSS. You can see they confirmed killing two Yorubas. If you believe the DSS, that means you believe the lies that have been cooked in the last 60 years in the nation called Nigeria.


“They wanted to kill Sunday Igboho but he escaped. They said those guns belonged to us, ask them how we didn’t kill any of the officers with the guns.


“When they wanted to show you what they recovered, they said they recovered AK-47, pump action rifles, charms and so on. But they never talked about the millions of Naira that was taken away from the house.


DSS confirms killing Sunday Igboho’s aides, declares him wanted


“They never talked about the pounds sterling, they never talked about the dollars, the Euros that were taken away. Do you know that hundreds of jewelries belonging to Chief Sunday Igboho were moved by the DSS?

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