IPOB Are Thieves Not Freedom Fighters -Buhari

IPOB Are Thieves Not Freedom Fighters -Buhari
IPOB Are Thieves Not Freedom Fighters - Buhari

IPOB Are Thieves Not Freedom Fighters -Buhari



President Muhammadu Buhari has condemned the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), characterizing them as thieves and terrorists for instilling fear in the South-East and sections of the South-South.


iexclusive News Nigeria reports that this was said by the president’s media aide Garba Shehu in a statement released on Sunday.


President Buhari, on the other hand, insisted that in order to succeed, communities must band together in the face of these heinous crimes, claiming that retaliatory violence was not the answer.


He pressed religious, traditional, and communal leaders to promote peace and violence prevention.


”Attempts to condense the causes into a basic story may assist international NGOs obtain donor cash, fill columns of foreign publications, and burnish foreign politicians’ faith credentials,” Mr Buhari claimed.


“However, this neither increases comprehension nor provides solutions. Simplistic theorizing and finger-pointing, on the contrary, exacerbate the problem.”


He stated that “it is critical for both Nigerians and the international world to recognize that there are” a slew of causes to blame for the country’s deteriorating security.


Mr Buhari continued, “When the major goal of these acts is to extract money, there are no religious implications at all.”


The president emphasized that the violent fight between “herders” and “farmers” was about “water and land,” not religion.


“Then there’s a fight between the herders and the farmers. While some international voices and certain Nigerian politicians seeking personal advantage from divisiveness claim that this is a religious issue, “it is almost completely a matter of access to water and land for those involved,” he said.


“For millennia, herders have brought their animals into contact with farmers. They are being driven to go further south to find grazing pastures as a result of population pressure, growing aridity in northern states, and climate change.”


Mr Buhari commented on IPOB’s operations, saying that “far afield in the South-East, IPOB is not fighting for freedom when they destroy police stations and property, but rather committing acts of terrorism” to steal money.


“When practically every inhabitant of the states they terrorize is uniformly Christian,” Mr Buhari pointed out, “IPOB is not defending Christians, as its well paid foreign lobbyists claim.”


Mr Buhari’s dictatorship repatriated IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu from Kenya a few months ago, and he is now facing multiple criminal accusations in court. He is being held in custody. Mr Kanu and IPOB want the South-East of Nigeria to secede from Nigeria.


Mr Buhari, on the other hand, has urged Nigerians to unify in the face of “those who attempt to divide us for their own nefarious financial and political benefit.”