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Israeli Airstrike Kills Sons of Hamas Leader in Gaza



Israeli Airstrike Kills Sons of Hamas leader in Gaza

iexclusivenews -In a devastating turn of events, an Israeli airstrike has claimed the lives of three sons and three grandchildren of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh.

The attack occurred at a refugee camp in Gaza, during a time traditionally reserved for family and celebration, Eid el-Fitr.

Family Gatherings Turned to Mourning

The Haniyeh family was gathered at the Shati refugee camp in northern Gaza, visiting relatives for the Eid festivities when the tragedy struck.

The airstrike has been confirmed by Shehab, a news agency with ties to Hamas, and further details were provided in an emotional interview with Al Jazeera by Haniyeh himself.


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A Leader’s Anguish

Haniyeh’s response to the incident was one of both sorrow and defiance.

He condemned the actions of the Israeli forces, labeling them as acts of revenge and bloodshed, devoid of any legal or moral restraint.

He vowed that the Palestinian leadership would remain steadfast, even in the face of personal loss, emphasizing that the conflict had already taken 60 members of his family.

Accusations of Genocide

The media office in Gaza echoed Haniyeh’s sentiments, describing the event as part of a larger pattern of violence against the Palestinian people.

They reported that the children and grandchildren were in a civilian vehicle when targeted by Israeli jets.

The office’s statement included a strong condemnation of the attacks and held the US administration, the international community, and the Israeli occupation accountable for what they referred to as ongoing genocide.

A Call for Accountability

The loss of life in this incident adds to a grim tally, with reports indicating that at least 125 Palestinian casualties have been received by hospitals in the region within the last day.

This tragic event has amplified calls for accountability and an end to the violence that continues to impact innocent lives.

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