Jibia Killings: Defend Yourselves- Masari Tells Citizens

Jibia Killings: Defend Yourselves- Masari Tells Citizens
Jibia Killings: Defend Yourselves- Masari Tells Citizens

Jibia Killings: Defend Yourselves- Masari Tells Citizens

Katsina State Governor Aminu Bello Masari has urged residents in regions prone to bandit activity to obtain firearms and defend themselves against the bandits.

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iexclusive News Nigeria reports that this was revealed in a statement acquired by Daily Trust from the Governor’s Director General (Media), Abdu Labaran Malumfashi.


Governor Masari made the comment in Jibia town on Tuesday, when he paid a visit to express his condolences to the people following the death of ten persons who were crushed on Monday by a Nigerian Customs Service operator who was driving an official vehicle recklessly.


The Governor stated that it was unethical for citizens to succumb to the robbers without making any attempt to protect themselves, stressing that security is everyone’s concern.


“It is the people’s meek acquiescence that emboldens the bandits to carry out their vile actions with deadly frequency,” the statement read in part, adding that “people must detach their minds from the erroneous concept that security is only the duty of the government.”


He informed the people that the government was taking all required legal procedures to seek reparation for the families of those who died, as well as those who were injured in various ways.


He went on to say that legal professionals had already been approached for advice on how to proceed in order to achieve a quick legal settlement of the situation.


The Governor, on the other hand, warned the victims’ relatives not to fall prey to any hidden enticements from the Nigerian Customs Service, adding that doing so would jeopardize the government’s attempts to bring justice to the bereaved and maimed.


“What Customs agents are doing is wrong and, as a result, unacceptable.


“No matter what the customs service offers or promises to do for you, do not submit to any hidden enticement.


“Let anything they wish to do for you happen in the open, not behind your back.

“If you accept any hidden offer, you will jeopardize the government’s efforts to bring you to justice; but, if you reject any adverse action, the organization will have to reconsider its stance toward its host communities.”