Meet 17 Year Old Andiswa Selepe With Heavy Curves Who Just Got Engaged

Andiswa Selepe Girl with heavy curves
Meet 17 Year Old Andiswa Selepe With Heavy Curves Who Just Got Engaged.


iexclusive News Nigeria reports that a 17 year old girl with heavy adult curves and figure 18 body recently got engaged.


17 year-old social media influencer by the the name of Andiswa Selepe well know as “The bomb.rsa” on Instagram has left many social media users speechless with how curvy she is. Andiswa is only 17 years-old and she already has over 976k followers on Instagram.

The bomb is known to be dating South African DJ Melzi and the couple got engaged not so long ago.

Their engagement raised many questions from her followers as they felt that she’s to young to be engaged considering that she’s still in high school doing her matric.

Followers were most concerned about how her patents could allow their daughter to get engaged at such a young age as they said that they shouldn’t even have allowed her to start dating before she reached the age of 18.

However Andiswa and her boyfriend now fiance seems so happy to despite people’s concern. The couple always share beautiful snaps of themselves on their social media accounts and always express the love they have for each other.