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Mike Tyson Punching Victim Hires Lawyer 

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Mike Tyson Punching Victim Hires Lawyer 

Mike Tyson punching victim on a JetBlue plane has hired a lawyer, and the attorney’s first thoughts are suggesting a lawsuit might not be far away.

Melvin Townsend III’s lawyer, Matt Morgan of Morgan & Morgan, told TMZ, “our client is a huge fan of. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson felt excessively eager when he boarded the plane. At first, they got along swimmingly.”

He continues “Mr. Tyson was irritated by an overly enthusiastic fan at one point and began striking him excessively. This scenario may have been averted if the flight attendant had been contacted. Before being struck by Mr. Tyson, our client denies throwing a water bottle.”

Recall that Tyson’s team had stated that Townsend had thrown a water bottle at Tyson before Mike unleashed it on him.

Townsend was bleeding and appeared to have minor injuries as a result of the punches.

He chose not to press charges, and he and Tyson were free to leave following the event.

“To state the obvious, Mr. Tyson, as one of the greatest fighters of all time, should have exercised better discipline before deploying his hands on an excessively exuberant fan,” attorney Morgan adds.

As you see in the video, Townsend is all over Tyson before the punches.

According to a source close to Townsend, he, “Is still in shock and hasn’t decided what his next course of action would be. Due to his physical injuries, the overwhelming nature of the event, and the ensuing media inquiries, he engaged an attorney.”

This incident appears to be far from over, and a lawsuit could be on the horizon.