Miyetti Allah Threatens Southern Governors Over Grazing Ban

Miyetti Allah threatens Southern Governors Over Grazing Ban
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Miyetti Allah threatens Southern Governors Over Grazing Ban


Following the southern governors‘ resolution to end open grazing in the southern part of the country by September 1, two pan-Fulani organizations, Gan Allah Fulani Development Association (GAFDAN) and Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore have threatened the governors to rescind the resolution or risk losing the 2023 presidential election.


iexclusive News Nigeria reports that according to Ibrahim Abdullahi, National Secretary of GAFDAN, the Southern Governors’ Forum neglected to examine the ramifications of their resolution, describing it as a step that would “certainly jeopardize the South’s chances of producing the next president in 2023.”


“You do not merely engage in political maneuvering. Certain individuals desire the return of power to their region and believe that the only way to do this is through intimidation. You want to restore power to the South, but you are driving people out, about 17 million Fulani voters,” he remarked.


Mr. Abdullahi acknowledged that the country’s open grazing practice is out of date, but said southern governors should give an alternative rather than prohibit it.


He also referred to the governors’ deadline for open grazing as a “call for anarchy.”


“The forum’s viewpoint is quite regrettable since you cannot abolish a system until you have presented a replacement.


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We are not opposed to new methods of animal husbandry because we believe the current system is obsolete; yet, you cannot just quit using it without providing alternatives.


As a result, the governors’ job is virtually unachievable in Nigeria’s current configuration.


“The governors’ declaration is more political than pragmatic. It is sad to say that individuals may play politics with millions of Nigerians’ livelihoods.


If you prohibit open grazing in the South, you are essentially saying that those individuals should go to the North or other parts of the country. What happens if those in the north likewise request the departure of southerners?


“You cannot put an end to people’s means of subsistence and expect peace to prevail. Thus, the inference is that Nigeria’s unity will be called into question.


You cannot expect those who will be impacted to return to the North and coexist peacefully with those from the South who live there. It is a case of double standards.


“It is a proclamation of anarchy. It would have been preferable if the governors had supplied alternatives and set aside land for livestock.


The current circumstance does not favor herders, and you starting something without presenting alternatives is incorrect. This is a declaration of anarchy,” he said.


Similarly, Saleh Alhassan, National Secretary of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, stated that southern governors’ resolve to end open grazing in their districts without giving alternatives was purely political.


Mr. Alhassan characterized southern governors as “eager for power” in 2023 and warned them against blackmailing the North to win the presidency.


“They (the southern governors) are hungry for power,” he stated. Why are they raising the problem of open grazing? Is this the country’s sole issue? They may not even obtain the necessary power.”


Mr. Alhassan stated that herdsmen were unable to flee because southern governors made no alternative plans before imposing a deadline on open grazing.


“Fulani herders are immobile. The governors of the southern states have prepared no alternative (arrangement) for them. You cannot simply drive an economic group away,” Mr. Alhassan explained.


“If they (southern governors) wish to blackmail the North, they may not win the presidency,” he warned. With the route they are taking, they are simply hungry for power.”


On Monday, the southern governors insisted that their region provide the country’s future president.


The governors, regardless of their political affiliations, made their statement following a meeting in Ikeja, Lagos State’s capital, on Monday.


The governors unanimously agreed that the President should be alternated between the northern and southern regions, with the caveat that the next president must be from the southern area for the sake of equity and fairness.