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Naira Falls Massively At Black Market Against Dollar

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Naira Falls Massively At Black Market Against Dollar

Iexclusive News Nigeria reports that the Nigerian official currency, the Naira, has dropped in recent weeks after a steady increase that saw it gain roughly N25 since it touched a low of N575 to a dollar on September 20, 2021.

This online news portal understands that on Sunday evening, November 21, 2021, a survey at the Bureau De Change (BDC) market in Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, revealed that the Naira swapped at N560/$1, two weeks after it exchanged for N530/$1. On Sunday evening, November 21, 2021, the participants on the black market bought a dollar for N547 and sold it for N560, after buying N537 and selling for N541 earlier in the week.

The naira depreciated by N85 against the dollar in less than two months, from N490 to N575 per dollar on September 20.

Despite the fact that the dollar to naira exchange rate opened at 560 for $1 on the parallel market (black market), Newsonline says that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) does not recognize the parallel market (black market). As a result, anyone in need of currency should contact their bank, with the I&E window being the sole known exchange, according to the apex bank.