NCC Invites Nigerians For IoTs Code Camp 2021

NCC Invites Nigerians For IoTs Code Camp 2021
NCC Invites Nigerians For IoTs Code Camp 2021

NCC Invites Nigerians For IoTs Code Camp 2021


The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has invited Nigeria’s technology hubs, known as Innovation Driven Enterprises (IDE), to participate in an Internet of Things (IoT) Code camp and Hackathon.


The contributions will be divided into two categories:

1. Finding a solution to Nigeria’s concerns of kidnapping and banditry,

2. Assistive robotics solutions for effective e-waste management, according to NCC.


In a statement, NCC Director of Public Affairs Ikechukwu Adinde said the Hackathon would run from July 5th to July 26th, 2021.


“The camp is part of its strategic vision plan 2021-2025,” Adinde says, “which captures the need to encourage the development of new technologies and local content through cutting-edge research in order to stimulate sustainable economic growth and development in Nigeria.”


“In accordance with the foregoing, the Commission invites Tech Hubs and Innovation Driven Enterprises (IDE) in Nigeria to enter eligible start-ups and solutions in the third edition of the NCC IoT Code camp and Hackathon, which will focus on two categories:


“Development of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for kidnapping and banditry in Nigeria.

Assistive robotics solutions for effective e-waste management.


“Through the translation of novel ideation to the actual development of hardware/software solutions as usable products as an outcome of the event, the NCC IoT Code camp and Hackathon will promote tech-driven enterprises and the adoption of IoT based solutions.


“For each category, an independent panel of judges will select a First and Runner-up submission, and the judges’ decisions are final.”


The winner and runner-up in each category would get N5 million and N3 million, respectively, according to NCC.


On eligibility, NCC said: “The criteria for participation in the competition include the following:


“The Enterprise MUST present the Corporate Affairs Commission certificate of registration.


“The project should clearly fit into one of the two categories listed above.


“Clear problem explanation, suggested solution, and deployment strategy.


“Conceptual proof” (which may also include technical feasibility of the idea with diagram, algorithm, existing models or case studies, etc.).


“Novelty of solution (including a declarative statement on intellectual property ownership) Solution, including prototype development, can be completed within 3 months of grant receipt (including a statement of application for funds).”


“All applications should be ONLINE,” the Commission stated in its guidance for individuals interested in applying.


“There is no cost to enter the competition, and the participant retains all control and ownership of the intellectual property of the entries.


“All entries must be submitted by a Tech Hub/Innovation Driven Enterprise, which will register and submit the necessary documentation on behalf of the entry:


“Evidence of a connection to the startup/solution that is being entered


“The project concept is summarized in a four-page executive summary.”


“All Team members’ names, ages, contact information, passport images, and profiles.


“5-7 minute video of the pilot project” (if available) on the website


“Interested and qualifying businesses should go to and follow the instructions to submit the above documents.”


NCC provided the following schedule for the camp: “The Hackathon will run from July 5th to July 26th, 2021, with the following important dates:


“Date Stage

“05th Sep – 26th Sep Applications open online


“29th Sep – 06th Oct Evaluation of applications


“09th Oct – 10th Oct Contact shortlisted Startups & Tech Hubs


“16th Oct – 17th Oct 2 Day Idea Pitch Deck and grading of Competitors by the Judges

“19th Oct Award of prizes/Closing ceremony.”


“Applying to the Hackathon qualifies as a public exposure of your concept, and it is your responsibility to protect it appropriately before filing an application,” NCC cautioned anyone interested.


“Please check that the level of protection for any idea or material included in the application is satisfactory before applying, and get your own legal advice if necessary.


“Failure to do so may jeopardize your future ability to defend it.


“Applicants are not obligated to provide any more information about their ideas than they are comfortable with or that is requested in the online application form. Please be mindful, however, that providing insufficient material may impair the judges’ ability to make a fair assessment of your application.”