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ai9

NdaniTV Launches 5th Season of Real Talk Show!

Real Talk first launched on the NdaniTV YouTube channel in 2016 and has had a number of popular hosts including Nicole Asinugo and Cornelia O’Dwyer.


NdaniTV has released new photos and a teaser video from the 5th season of its Talk show, Real Talk. The production company has also unveiled the multi-talented, Bisola Aiyeola, as the host for this season and if the teaser video is anything to go by, we are in for an exciting season!


Real Talk


What is Real Talk?

About Real Talk

Real Talk first launched on the NdaniTV YouTube channel in 2016 and has had a number of popular hosts including Nicole Asinugo and Cornelia O’Dwyer. The talk show brings celebrities together to speak on societal issues and a lot more. The new season is set to launch on YouTube on the 20th of January 2022.





Click here to download video…

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What Is NdaniTV?

About NdaniTV

NdaniTV is Africa’s premier platform for original web series and is home to some of the most popular series including Gidi Up, Rumour Has It, Skinny Girl in Transit, Officer Titus, and more.

With over 441,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 109 million minutes in watch time, the channel is one of the fastest-growing platforms for original content out of Nigeria and made for Africans.

NdaniTV content remains free to view on YouTube and is powered by GTCO PLC.


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