Okorocha Says Uzodimma Has a Killer Squad

Okorocha told reporters at his Owerri house that the strike force consists of the military, police, DSS, and Ebubeagu.

Rochas Okorocha former Governor of Imo State has accused Governor Hope Uzodimma of forming the Hopism Strike Force, a death squad (HSF).

iexclusive News Nigeria reports that He further said that the strike force is to blame for the state’s chaos. The charges have been refuted by the governor.

Okorocha told reporters at his Owerri house that the strike force consists of the military, police, DSS, and Ebubeagu.

He asked Uzodimma to disclose the state’s insecurity sponsors.

“Let the governor inform the world who killed Gukak if he knows he has no such force in the state.”

“It is not about me or Uche Nwosu; it is about the image of our state. I want to repeat this Sheba, Uzodimma’s CSO, has been in detention for the past 4 days.

He is among the striking force of Uzodimma, I still ask Uzodimma, who killed Gulak? Who killed traditional rulers? Who killed about 140 bodies of Imolites found in the mortuary?

Hope Uzodimma has a striking force called ‘Hope striking force’ they should ask them what they are doing with this killer squad.”

He claimed that unless the riddle surrounding the “Hopeism striking force and Ebubeagu” is solved, members of the public will continue to scrounge in the dark in quest of the state’s sponsors and agents of banditry.

Since the commencement of the Uzodimma-led administration, the former governor has regretted the loss of lives and property in the state, including the assassination of certain traditional rulers and over 104 others.

This never happened during my eight years as governor of this state,” he remarked.

While everyone was expecting for the governor to name individuals responsible for banditry, abduction, murders, and other types of mayhem in the state, he avoided it.

Okorocha claimed that he has no skeletons in his closet, claiming that the rising rate of deaths and the recent “kidnapping” of his son-in-law, Uche Nwosu, in a church spoke loudly about a government that is stupid and insensitive to the people.

“My legacies are all over the place,” he remarked, “and they will always be indelible and cannot be erased because they are so evident.”

He urged the President, the Inspector General of Police, and other national security officials to intervene in the horrible play unfolding in Imo.

The former governor refuted rumors that he was planning to leave the All Progressives Congress (APC) and asked:

 “How can I construct a home, furnish it, and then leave it to a tenant? I was one of the founding members of the APC, and Governor Hope Uzodimma simply entered by the window, thus I am unable to abandon the party for him.”

Okorocha’s behavior was regarded by Uzodimma as paranoid.

If he isn’t paranoid, why is he panicking? What is he hiding?”

Why wait until now, when the public spotlight is on you and your son-in-law, to start exposing the governor’s killer squad known as Hopism Strike Force?”  

“If you suggest the governor has a death squad, the appropriate place to disclose it is the police, not the press,” Uzodimma remarked through his Commissioner for Information and Strategy Declan Emelumba.

I believe Okorocha is concealing something, and it will be revealed sooner rather than later.”


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