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PDP Follows Primate Ayodele’s Advice, Dumps Zoning To Throw Presidential Ticket Open

The people's Democratic Party (PDP) has thrown its presidential ticket open to all interested aspirants without regard for their geo-political zone.

PDP Follows Primate Ayodele’s Advice, Dumps Zoning To Throw Presidential Ticket Open

The people’s Democratic Party (PDP) has thrown its presidential ticket open to all interested aspirants without regard for their geo-political zone. This was announced yesterday by the national executive council of the party.

Before now, the PDP party had deliberated on zoning the ticket to the north or southeast until yesterday when it was finally decided that all interested aspirants will be allowed to contest in the party primaries to elect the flagbearer of the party in the forthcoming presidential election in 2023.

This has shown that the PDP listened to the prophetic advice of popular Nigerian prophet, Primate Ayodele who had said the party should not adopt the zoning method if at all they want to make a strong statement in the election.

He released the prophecy in January while stating that if the party wants to make an impact in the election, they should allow every aspirant to contest in the primaries and let the best candidate be chosen by-election.

These were his words

“Ahead of the 2023 Presidential election, PDP must not use a rotational method to pick a candidate. The party needs the best candidate, and the rotational method won’t help.

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If the party wants to make an impact in the election, they must come as one house, go to the primary polls and let whoever will lose, lose and whoever will win, win without regard to zoning.” (https://dailypost.ng/2022/01/31/presidency-primate-ayodele-warns-pdp-against-zoning/)

With the latest development, it’s obvious that the PDP listened to Primate Ayodele’s directives.

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