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Putin’s Recruitment Drive: Cubans Join Russian Army for $2,000 Monthly

Leaked documents reveal attractive offers for Cuban men to fight in Ukraine, including citizenship and lucrative payments



Putin's Recruitment Drive: Cubans Join Russian Army for $2,000 Monthly

iexclusivenews – Russian President Vladimir Putin is offering substantial incentives to Cuban men to join his army and fight in the war against Ukraine.

According to leaked documents and online reports, Cubans are being offered $2,000 monthly payments and citizenship in exchange for their military service.

This attractive package is drawing in Cubans seeking to escape their country’s economic crisis, caused by US sanctions, with a monthly salary far exceeding the average $35 paid in Cuba.

Cuba’s Historical Alliance with Russia

Cuba’s long-standing alliance with Russia, dating back to the Cold War, has facilitated Putin’s recruitment drive.

Cubans do not require a visa to travel to Russia, and direct flights to Moscow make it easy for them to join the Russian army.

This strategic partnership allows Putin to bolster his troops without mobilizing his citizens, replacing fallen and wounded soldiers.


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Leaked Documents and Social Media Evidence

In September and October 2023, a pro-Ukrainian platform, InformNapalm, leaked online the passport details of over 200 Cubans allegedly joining the Russian army.

Facebook searches revealed 31 matching users wearing Russian military uniforms or residing in Russia.

Another media outlet, Ryazan, published photos of new Cuban recruits signing contracts with the Russian army, expressing their desire to “help our country achieve the objectives of the special military operation” and potentially become Russian citizens.

Cuban Authorities’ Response

In September 2023, the Cuban authorities arrested 17 individuals involved in recruiting Cubans to fight in Ukraine, stating they were against “the participation of Cuban citizens in conflicts of any sort.”

However, the country’s ambassador to Russia, Julio Antonio Garmendía Peña, clarified that Havana had no objections to Cubans “simply signing a contract and legally taking part in this operation alongside the Russian army.”

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