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Quavo & Saweetie Physical Altercation Caught On Video

Quavo & Saweetie Physical Altercation Caught On Video

Quavo and Saweetie video getting into a physical altercation inside an elevator has surfaced online.


Quavoand Saweetie‘s issues appear to run much deeper than alleged infidelity because they had a fight in an elevator before they split.


TMZ obtained surveillance footage of the struggle, which went down at an apartment complex in North Hollywood.


It shows both of them standing outside an open elevator, and when the video starts Saweetie is swinging on Quavo.


He dodges the hit, dropping an orange Call of Duty case in the process, which Saweetie tries to pick up.


He grabs it, and as they struggle for the case, he grabs her arm and swings her into the back elevator wall, then they both go down.


As Saweetie lay on the ground possibly injured, he stands there without helping her up.


Finally, the door opens on another floor and he starts to get off with the case, using it to keep the door open and Saweetie picks herself up and limps off.


According to TMZ sources, the incident went down in 2020 at an apartment building where Saweetie was renting.

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