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Ross Ulbricht Founder Of Silk Road To Launch NFT Collection

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Ross Ulbricht Founder Of Silk Road To Launch NFT Collection

Ross Ulbricht, the founder of no longer in use illegal websites is set to launch the Bitcoin NFT collection from prison

Silk Road: Dark Force on the Dark Web

When we hear the Silk Road phrase, for a large number of us we imagine an ancient trade route from China in the Far East, to Europe. For centuries, the ancient silk road helped Chinese trade and spread its influence. Finally, the Maritime Silk Road was created to support trade and influence and spread as far as the Middle East and East Africa.

What Is Silk Road?

Silk Road is a DarkNet platform that is known to be used to exchange contraband goods, including drugs, ammunition, and banned substances, with Bitcoin rewards. For a while, Silk Road is a hub for human trafficking, and everything is Bitcoin.

Looking back, the Silk Road did a lot of damage to the reputation of the cryptocurrency and related technology, and in 2022 almost a decade after closing the website, we were still trying to convince the world that Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency were the power for good, not evil.

The individual behind the silk road is Ross Ulbricht, and this child plans to launch a second NFT project.

Ross Ulbricht NFT Collection Plans

Ross Ulbricht is a famous character behind Silk Road, and before the shutdown finally the site in October 2013, he saw millions of dollars in transactions at its peak.

As mentioned earlier, Ulbricht and his team, through Silk Road, helped Bitcoin get a large amount of bad press that haunted the entire Cryptocurrency space.

Ross Ulbricht is currently serving a life sentence plus an additional 40 years without the possibility of parole for his involvement in Silk Road.

“Ross Ulbricht’s growth collection” includes four physical oil paintings, 318 hand-drawn frames, and five NFTs stored in Bitcoin Blockchain.

According to a statement by Ulbricht, “I have placed my heart, soul, and my mind into this collection, and I look forward to uncovering it for you.” This is not the first NFT collection by the founder of the Silk Road.

Ross Ulbricht: A Bitcoin Cult Hero

Because of Ulbricht’s belief in 2013, he had become a cult ‘hero for certain people inside and outside the NFT room. The first decline in NFT in the Ethereum Blockchain brought a massive increase and raised the equivalent of $ 6.2 million during the December 2021 auction in Basel, Switzerland.

According to Ulbricht, the money raised will be used to help children visit their parents in prison.

He also said that his team is already reaching out to charities working on similar projects. “The more money we raise, the more good we can do, so I have been busy creating my next art collection.”

Amazingly, the winner’s offer for that NFT was “FreeRossDAO,” an autonomous organization made to raise money to help Ulbricht free from prison.

The Bitcoin NFTs will be minted on Apr. 5 to commemorate Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s birthday, and the collection itself will auctioned off at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami on Apr. 6.