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See How Female Spends 12 Years For A 4 Year Course In OAU



See How Female Spends 12 Years For A 4 Year Course In OAU
See How Female Spends 12 Years For A 4 Year Course In OAU

Omobolanle Adenle was one of the graduates of the Obafemi Awolowo University’s 45th Convocation earlier this month.

Iexclusive News Nigeria reports that she enrolled in the Linguistics and African Languages program in 2010, but instead of graduating in the 2014/2015 academic year, she did so in 2021.

While telling Punch about her ordeal, Adenle, who is now an entrepreneur, claimed her problems began between her first and second semesters on the OAU campus.

She said, “A journey that started in 2010 and finished in 2021. I thought I would finish with my mates in the year 2015 when I obtained admission to study Linguistics and African Languages in Obafemi Awolowo University in 2010, but my first and second semesters’ results were nothing to write home about after putting my best foot forward. So, I got discouraged.

“I thought I would obtain JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) and change my course the following year which I tried but failed again, so I made up my mind to finish what I’d started but it was almost late already.

“I couldn’t handle retaking courses and doing my main courses altogether, but I did it anyway and it was a disaster throughout – but I just couldn’t quit and it saddened my heart at that time.

“I felt like a total failure in life and everything academics saddened my heart then till I decided to find another interest that would fill up the grief I nursed in my heart daily.”

After the “failed” semesters, Adenle had to start a business to raise money for survival.

She said the relocation worked this time because she was able to pay off several debts on her own, including school fees.

She continued, “I decided to explore the business world with my almost collapsed academics then because I needed to start generating some extra income to sort out my school bills and my general well-being.

“My business became the only get away from the deep sadness I nursed on my academics, I finally found fulfilment beyond the four walls of the classroom – buying and selling different products and services.

“I became a professional at selling anything sellable on this earth and there’s no product or service under heaven that I can’t sell with ease and speed right now as a product manager and Digital Marketer, I mastered the art of selling from hawking different products after classes to my fellow students in female hostels in OAU.

“I was actively investing in myself beyond the four walls of the school while pursuing academics, I became so good in my craft that I won a business grant in 2018.

“I became a business mogul with two physical stores in Lagos State and Osogbo, Osun State till I shifted my focus to more of digital product recently and required no physical location in Osun State anymore.”

Adenle returned to school, determined to be a graduate, but he failed once more.

She described how she soared through various stumbling blocks before being allowed to finish her education.

She had retaken all of the failed courses at this point, and one of her results was stated to be missing once more.

She said, “I was supposed to have an extra year to sort out all the courses I failed, but I failed again and had to come back again to retake some of the courses but I chose not to come back, I was tired already and told my part adviser that I was done with school and I wanted to travel out because I was frustrated.

“I came back the following year after a year break and paid dearly with several medical reports before I was allowed to retake the courses two years later. And when I thought I was finally done to be fully cleared from OAU, one of my results got missing, an elective for that matter, and for over a year we were on it till I finally gathered the courage to retake it after which it was found after retaking the course.

“The shame was unbearable when every year that I thought I’d be done left me hanging and then I learnt patience, persistence, doggedness, and how to trust God with my life exclusively.”

According to Adenle, her ordeal taught her to believe in the divine set and never to be hard on herself.