Singer, Ric Hassani Talks About Finding A Life Partner

Singer, Ric Hassani Talks About Finding A Life Partner
Singer, Ric Hassani Talks About Finding A Life Partner


Iexclusive News Nigeria reports that Ikechukwu is a Nigerian singer Ric Hassani, also known as Eric Ahiauzu, has made a heartfelt request to God for a wonderful life mate.


With today’s reality, the singer noted that choosing the proper spouse has proven to be a monumental endeavor and even scary, especially when relying completely on one’s judgement to do so.


After emphasizing the futility of relying on one’s discretion in making such a critical decision, the 32-year-old singer emphasized the significance of instead giving it to a greater force.


According to the singer of “Thunder Fire You,” he has given over that decision to God to help him sort it out, as he has tried countless times before and failed miserably, nearly losing everything.


Although the singer claimed that he likes the peace he returns to after each worthwhile tour throughout the world, he still wishes to return home with a life partner.


Ric Hassani wrote: “Finding someone these days is so scary for me, considering the intense craziness I’ve been through.


“I have really put it in God’s hands completely at this point, my discretion has failed me in the past and almost cost me everything.


“I think a decision as serious as finding a life partner it us not wisest for one to rely completely on their own discretion, there has to be a degree of surrender to a higher power for that decision.


“Life partnership is a make or break, and I say it from firsthand experience.


“I travel the world, make and have some really interesting amounts of money, come back to this big, incredibly arranged house, but I come back to no one.