Tension In The Southwest Over Sunday Igboho’s Arrest

BREAKING: Igboho Remains In Cell As Court Adjourns Hearing
BREAKING: Igboho Remains In Cell As Court Adjourns Hearing

Tension In the southwest over Sunday Igboho’s Arrest


Sunday Adeyemo’s arrest, also known as Sunday Igboho, has heightened tensions in Nigeria’s South-West area.


Igboho was allegedly apprehended Monday night at an airport in Cotonou, Benin Republic.


Residents were advised Tuesday morning to avoid hazardous locations, according to a security warning monitored by iexclusive News Nigeria.


They were instructed to exercise “security sensitivity and situational awareness.”

Igboho’s detention was part of the federal government’s offensive against agitators.


At various points, the president and the Department of State Services (DSS) indicated that the separatist would be caught.


Garba Shehu, a presidential adviser, claimed Sunday Igboho was “performing acts of terror and disrupting the peace” after the raid on his Soka home in Ibadan.


The creator of the picture accused the Yoruba Nation’s proponent of trying to construct an armory and plotting to destroy the nation’s unity.


Earlier, at a press conference at which weapons discovered in Sunday Igboho’s home were shown, the DSS promised to imprison the outspoken separatist.


The spokesperson, Peter Afunanya, said that although Sunday Igboho might flee and hide for as long as he pleased, “the end of his shenanigans” was inevitable.


“Shortly, he will be without a hiding spot. His strength is certain to fail him, and the law will eventually catch up with him. The legal system may be sluggish. However, it will be consistent,” he said.