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US: Trump Goes Through Second Impeachment Votes

US: Trump Goes Through Second Impeachment Votes.


iexclusive News Nigeria reports that the out going president of the United States Donald Trump is facing second impeachment votes.


President Trump has been accused of different attrocities. The US House of Representatives will vote later to impeach President Trump on charges of inciting his supporters to storm the Capitol last week


According to the report, the vote is expected to pass in the Democrat-led House, which would make him the first US president to be impeached twice


A growing number of Republicans have voiced their support for impeachment, including senior House Republican Liz Cheney


But Republican Tom Cole urged others to vote against because it’s a “flawed process” that will fuel divisions


President Trump has defended his pre-riot speech, in which he encouraged supporters to march to the Capitol, saying it was “totally appropriate”


This Online media gathered that if Trump is impeached in the House, the Senate will then hold a trial. A two-thirds majority is required to convict him


A lot have been done to stop this moves but to no avail, It came after Vice-President Mike Pence rejected efforts to invoke the 25th Amendment to strip Trump of power

The FBI says 70 people have been charged and 170 others identified over the deadly riots that left five people dead


Impeachment will ‘further division’ says Republican

Republican Congressman Tom Cole says “we desperately need” to move forward on a “path to support healing”.


“Instead, the House is moving forward erratically with a truncated process…that will give members no time to contemplate the serious course of action before us.”


Cole says the riot was the “darkest day” of his service as a representative, but that now that the president has conceded and Joe Biden’s victory has been certified, a hasty impeachment will not help the nation move forward.


He adds that Democrats are doing so knowing that the Senate will not consider these charges until after Trump’s term ends.


“I can think of nothing that will cause further division more than the path the majority is now taking. Rather than looking ahead to a new administration, the majority is seeking to settle scores with the old one.”


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