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US Election 2020: Joe Biden Breaks Record at Polls

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Joe Biden
US Election 2020: Joe Biden Breaks Record In The History Of United States election


iexclusive News Nigeria reports that Former U.S. Vice President and Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has gotten the most votes in the history of the United States election.


Reports as of 2:30pm Has it that the Presidential Candidate Joe Biden had received the number of 69,966,532 votes beating the record of Barrack Obama’s total of 69,498,516 in 2008.


“There are a lot of uncounted votes in CA, NY, MD, MA, NJ and IL.


Biden’s popular vote margin is going to expand quite a bit,” Nate Silver tweeted


He said:


“Maybe 11-12m outstanding votes between these states, which might be +25%-ish for Biden. Also a few more in CT, WA and OR. Not much outstanding vote left in red states.”


“It probably works out to Biden getting 52-ish percent of the popular vote on a turnout of 155 million-ish votes, which would be around 80 million. Trump might get say 73-75 million. Likely the top two popular vote totals in US history, both surpassing Obama ’08.