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Jaruma Empire: Stop Smoking, it dries Vagina, as Kayamata Video goes Viral



Jaruma Empire

Jaruma Empire: stop smoking shisha, cigarrete, it dries vagina, as her “Kayamata” video went viral


Jaruma Empire has advised women who smokes to stop smoking.

She said that smoking shisha and cigarrete dries vagina

Jaruma made this known in her viral video on “Kayamata,” which generated a lot of concerns from people, as they expressed themselves on twitter.

Below are their tweets:



That’s not juju, if you’ve leaved in the north you would know of it. It’s more like sexual enhancement for women nothing more.. No fetish stuff involved




This is actually disgusting , avoid Jaruma’s people




Omoh, y’all be prayerfu & careful out there o… Ladies are really wilding and Jaruma is their backbone. Good girls, please hold your man well before them take Jaruma Kanyamata collect am from you o




Hmmmm Just avoid Fornication no be by prayer oh Kayan mata is natural, no be juju e dey hold pastors self It’s gotten from gorontula trees found in the northern part of naija Hmmm may God deliver us cos God created the trees generating these nuts




Na wa oh but actually she is teaching something meaningful.. not everything we known fully .. some girls no they wet at all..what you don’t know make sure you ask and then you get a result


Bad Pickin


Story for the gods. People actually believe in this stuff? All I can see is a wet punani. Put whatever you want in there, I’ll still slip inside. The wetter the better.


Helen of TROY


A lot of ladies use GORONTULA, have done online marketing for it and the turn out was massive…. and they usually prefer a dispatch rider to deliver no matter how close they are, that way they stay anon.