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Giant Penis Brings Rain To Villagers In The Midst Of Draught



Giant Penis Brings Rain To Villagers
Giant Penis Brings Rain To Villagers In The Midst Of Draught


Due to farmers’ fears about drought and saline water from irrigation canals hurting crops, villagers have built a super-sized penis.

iexclusive News Nigeria report that villagers in Yothaka, Thailand’s Chachoengsao region, created the monument to relieve a drought.


Chamnan Kenthongdaeng, 52, the local village headman, told a press conference that it began raining just two days after the big penis was put, with a half-hour downpour.

The rain was captured on camera by Koson Samang, the headman of a nearby hamlet, corroborating the phenomena.


He told Pattaya News that a Palad Khik, which symbolizes fertility and new development, had been a local tradition since his grandparents’ time.


Chamnan stated that the massive penis will not cause any traffic issues because it was built on a cul-de-sac.


“As soon as the seasonal rains arrive, it will be removed,” he vowed.


Local farmers, on the other hand, complained that the brief rainfall was insufficient to irrigate their fields, and hoped that prayers to the phallus would continue to bring rain.


Meanwhile, locals have been encouraged to pray and give tiny offerings at the massive penis.


In response to online mocking, Chamnan stated those who were denouncing it had “no faith” and were disrespecting the villagers’ nearly century-old beliefs.


Because the province of Chachoengsao is dominated by low plains with vast rice fields and other water-dependent agriculture, good rainfall is critical for local farmers.

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