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Explosive Chicago State University Role in Nigeria’s Election Chaos



Explosive Chicago State University Role in Nigeria's Election Chaos

Chicago State University prestigious reputation is now entwined with the political turmoil that engulfs Nigeria, as President Bola Tinubu faces allegations that threaten to nullify his election victory.

This saga has taken an unexpected turn with revelations regarding Tinubu’s academic credentials.

Atiku Abubakar’s Explosive Claims

Atiku Abubakar, Tinubu’s political rival, has raised a compelling argument against the newly elected Nigerian president.

Abubakar contends that the documents presented as evidence of Tinubu’s 1979 graduation from Chicago State University are, in fact, inauthentic.

Such allegations cast a shadow of uncertainty over Tinubu’s electoral triumph earlier this year.


Chicago State University Denies Tinubu’s Certificate As U.S. Court Adjourns Case

The Alleged Forged Diploma

According to the Peoples Gazette, Tinubu submitted a diploma to Nigeria’s election commission that supposedly attested to his graduation from Chicago State in 1979.

This document bore the signature of Elnora Daniel, who assumed the role of university president in 1998, a decade after the purported graduation date.

Abubakar insists that the submission of falsified records to the National Election Commission constitutes grounds for election annulment.

Legal Showdown in Chicago

The dispute over Tinubu’s academic credentials has reached the United States, specifically Chicago, where a legal battle is underway.

Abubakar’s legal team has petitioned a federal judge, Jeffrey Gilbert of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

To compel Chicago State University officials to produce Tinubu’s academic records and testify.

The judge’s ruling remains pending, adding further intrigue to this unfolding drama.

Chicago State University’s Stance

Chicago State University, represented by lawyer Michael Hayes, maintains its stance that it cannot certify the authenticity of Tinubu’s diploma under oath.

University spokeswoman emphasized that while they can confirm Tinubu’s graduation.

The ceremonial diploma in question is not part of a student’s official academic file, complicating the matter further.

The International Ramifications

Despite the Nigerian Presidential Election Petition Court’s dismissal of Abubakar’s initial claim, the battle rages on in Chicago.

Abubakar persists in challenging the election results, keeping the international community engaged in this high-stakes dispute.

The University’s Legal Response

Chicago State University, in a statement issued in August 2023, underscores its commitment to upholding federal law, specifically the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

This law safeguards the privacy of student records, limiting what the institution can disclose.

The university acknowledges Tinubu’s attendance and graduation in 1979 but asserts it cannot divulge further information without proper consent or a court order.

Awaiting the Judge’s Verdict

Chicago State University’s steadfast adherence to federal law underscores its commitment to preserving the privacy of student records.

The university awaits the decision of a U.S. federal judge, who will determine whether they must provide the requested information.

Thereby potentially altering the course of this complex international dispute.

Consistency and Integrity

Throughout this ordeal, Chicago State University has maintained unwavering consistency in its practices, policies, and adherence to federal law.

The institution remains steadfast in its dedication to safeguarding the privacy and integrity of student information, irrespective of the parties involved in the requests.