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Governor Yusuf Orders Arrest of Deposed Ado Bayero



Governor Yusuf Orders Arrest of Deposed Ado Bayero

KANO, (iexclusivenews) – In a dramatic turn of events, Governor Abba Yusuf of Kano State has issued a decisive order: the immediate arrest of the former Emir of Kano, Aminu Ado Bayero.

The reason? Tension. The state was on edge as Mr. Bayero, deposed just two days prior, attempted a clandestine return to the palace.

The Midnight Arrival

Under the cover of darkness, Aminu Ado Bayero was smuggled into Kano city.

His aim? To reclaim the throne he had been forcibly removed from.

But fate had other plans. At approximately 1:00 a.m. on Saturday, the new emir, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, arrived at the palace.

He was accompanied by a high-powered entourage: the governor, deputy governor, speaker of the state assembly, and other top government officials.

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Governor Yusuf’s Directive

As the state’s chief security officer, Governor Yusuf wasted no time. He directed the police commissioner to apprehend the deposed emir immediately.

The reason? Disturbing public peace and jeopardizing the hard-won tranquility that the state currently enjoys.

The stakes were high, and the governor acted swiftly to maintain order.

Emirates Council Law Repealed

This saga has its roots in the past. In 2019, Abdullahi Ganduje, Governor Yusuf’s predecessor, created five separate Emirates in Kano.

However, the current state government took a different approach.

On Thursday, they repealed the Emirates Council Law, effectively merging the five Emirates into one.

And at the helm of this unified entity stands none other than Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, reinstated as the new emir.

A History of Turmoil

This isn’t the first time Sanusi has graced the throne.

In March 2020, he was unceremoniously removed by Governor Ganduje, citing insubordination.

Now, with tensions running high, the spotlight is back on Kano’s royal drama.

In Summary: Governor Yusuf’s swift action to arrest the deposed emir reflects the delicate balance between tradition, power, and public order.

As Kano State navigates this historic transition, all eyes remain fixed on the palace, waiting to see how the drama unfolds.

Stay tuned for further updates as the saga continues.


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