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DNA Drama: Super Eagles Star’s Wife Denies Paternity Allegations



DNA Drama: Super Eagles Star's Wife Denies Paternity Allegations

iexclusivenews – Dora Ezinne, the wife of Super Eagles forward Olanrewaju Kayode, has vehemently denied allegations of infidelity, paternity fraud, and financial misconduct leveled against her.

The controversy centers around a purported DNA test that supposedly proves the children do not belong to Olanrewaju.

The Rumors and Legal Response

On a fateful Saturday, rumors began circulating that a DNA test had been conducted, casting doubt on the paternity of the three children born during the couple’s marriage.

Ezinne, however, swiftly refuted these claims through her legal representatives.

In a lawsuit shared on her Instagram page, her lawyers labeled the allegations as “defamatory” and emphasized the severe embarrassment caused to their client and her children.

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The Allegations and Their Impact

The scandalous stories alleging the children’s non-paternity have spread rapidly across various online platforms.

Ezinne believes that these baseless and humiliating accusations were strategically planted by Olanrewaju with malicious intent.

The emotional toll on the innocent children has been profound—they are reportedly weeping nonstop, refusing to eat, sleep, or leave the house.

Their peers’ ridicule has added to their considerable emotional anguish.

The Ultimatum

Ezinne’s legal team has issued an ultimatum to Olanrewaju: within 24 hours, he must publicly issue a disclaimer on all his social media platforms.

This disclaimer should prominently state that no DNA test was ever conducted on the children and that the purported test result is entirely false.

Failure to comply will force Ezinne to seek full custody of the children in the ongoing divorce proceedings.

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