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NFT Trader Platform Hit by Massive Hack, Millions of NFTs Stolen 



NFT Trader Platform Hit by Massive Hack, Millions of NFTs Stolen 

(iexclusivenews) – NFT Trader, a platform that allows users to trade nonfungible tokens (NFTs) directly with each other, was hacked on Dec. 16, resulting in the theft of millions of dollars worth of NFTs. The platform announced the incident on X (formerly Twitter) and advised users to revoke access to two addresses: 0xc310e760778ecbca4c65b6c559874757a4c4ece0 and 0x13d8faF4A690f5AE52E2D2C52938d1167057B9af. These addresses were used by the hackers to exploit old smart contracts and transfer NFTs from users’ wallets. 

The Stolen NFTs Include Rare and Valuable Collections 


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According to, a website that tracks NFT transactions, the hackers stole at least 13 Mutant Ape Yacht Club and 37 Bored Ape tokens, which are among the most popular and expensive NFT collections in the market.

The hackers also took VeeFriends and World of Women NFTs, which are also highly sought-after by collectors. The total value of the stolen NFTs is estimated to be nearly $3 million. 

The Hack Sparked Confusion and Chaos on Social Media 

The hack caused a lot of confusion and chaos on social media platforms, where users shared their experiences and speculations about the attack.

Some users reported receiving phishing messages from the hackers, who pretended to be NFT Trader staff and asked for their wallet information. Others claimed that the platform was not secure and that users should avoid using it. 

Moreover, it was unclear how many hackers were involved in the attack and whether they were working together or independently.

One of the hackers posted a public message on X, claiming that they were not the original attacker, but rather a scavenger who took advantage of the situation.

“I came here to pick up residual garbage,” they wrote, adding that they did not care about the value of the NFTs and that they preferred to “pick up the leftover trash.” 

The Hackers Demanded Ransom Payments to Return the NFTs 

The hacker who posted the message on X also said that they had limited technical skills and that they could not retrieve all the affected NFTs at once.

They then demanded a 10% bounty in Ether (ETH) from the victims in exchange for their NFTs. “My technical skills are limited, I can’t get all the affected nfts at once, and it’s costing me a lot of energy and time. […] If you want the monkey nft back, then you need to pay me a bounty, which is what I deserve,” they wrote. 

However, in a surprising twist, one of the victims reported that the hacker returned a rare NFT along with 31 ETH, worth nearly $70,680 at the time of writing. “And now the hacker just sent me 31 eths? What in the world is going on. Is this real life?” the victim wrote on X. 


The NFT Trader hack is one of the biggest and most shocking attacks in the NFT space, which has seen rapid growth and popularity in recent years. The hack exposed the vulnerabilities and risks of trading NFTs on platforms that rely on smart contracts, which can be exploited by hackers. The hack also highlighted the importance of securing one’s wallet and being cautious of phishing attempts. The hack is still under investigation, and it is unknown if the hackers will return the rest of the stolen NFTs or face any legal consequences.