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BBNaija S6: Pere Is A Bully, Disrespectful – Nini



BBNaija S6
BBNaija S6: Pere Is A Bully, Disrespectful – Nini


Nini, a BBNaija housemate, described Pere as a bully who is disrespectful.


Pere has disrespected the housemates on multiple occasions, Nini said Biggie.


She claimed that following their altercation on Tuesday, the Delta State native refused to listen to others and bullied WhiteMoney.


“I believe Pere requires a tranquilizer. He is rude and does not pay attention.


“He mentioned other housemates are terrified of him yesterday when Maria was attempting to get him to see reasons why other roommates made about his altercation with WhiteMoney,” she said.


“I thought that was disrespectful, and he bullied WhiteMoney as well. I am the tiniest in the home and I am not afraid of him; yet, he has to calm down since I believe he has a grudge against WhiteMoney.


“He was complaining about WhiteMoney monopolizing the kitchen and using it as a strategy, which I think is a terrible strategy because cooking for a large group is difficult. If that’s WhiteMoney’s game plan, he’s earned it.”


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