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Hackers Stole Passwords of Worldcoin Orb Operators: What You Need to Know



Hackers Stole Passwords of Worldcoin Orb Operators: What You Need to Know

Multiple Worldcoin Orb operators fell victim to hackers who installed password-stealing malware on their devices, granting full access to the Worldcoin operator dashboard.

Worldcoin, founded by Sam Altman, aims to create a global currency distributed fairly by exchanging tokens for biometric data.

The Worldcoin Orb captures users’ biometrics using a spherical imaging device, and Orb operators track metrics through an online portal and app.

TechCrunch reported that Orb operators had their personal devices compromised, with stolen credentials listed on the dark web.

The compromised credentials provide hackers with unrestricted access to the Worldcoin Orb operator dashboard, which lacks two-factor authentication.

Data accessible in the Orb dashboard includes onboarding documents, training materials, and support requests from operators.

A security researcher suggested that operators were not specifically targeted but likely downloaded malicious software with saved credentials.

Worldcoin claims no sensitive user data was accessed, as biometric data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

In response, Worldcoin reset all operator logins and accelerated the rollout of two-factor authentication for their app.

According to Worldcoin’s data, they have over one million sign-ups and maintain 100-200 operational Orbs at any given time.