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Benue Assembly Repeals Lifetime Pension for Ortom and Others



Benue Assembly Repeals Lifetime Pension for Ortom and Others

BENUE, (iexclusivenews) – In a landmark decision, the Benue State House of Assembly has repealed the law granting lifetime pensions and benefits to former elected governors and their deputies.

The repealed bill, passed by the previous assembly, had sparked controversy for its perceived unfairness and burden on the state’s resources.

A Law Deemed ‘Anti-People’ and Unjust

The repealed law stipulated generous benefits, including monthly stipends equivalent to the current salaries of the serving governor and deputy governor, as well as maintenance allowances, official vehicles, personal staff, security, and yearly medical expenses.

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The lawmakers deemed this law “anti-people” and unanimously voted for its repeal, citing the need to prioritize the welfare of the state’s citizens over the privileges of former elected officials.

A New Era of Accountability and Fiscal Responsibility

The repeal of the pension bill marks a significant shift towards accountability and fiscal responsibility in Benue State’s governance.

The lawmakers’ decision demonstrates their commitment to prioritizing the state’s resources for the benefit of all citizens, rather than perpetuating a system of privilege and entitlement for a select few.

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